Souvenir d'Italie
Souvenir d'Italie stems from the collaboration between Benedetti s.r.l, a company from Monza that specializes in the innovative chemical cutting of stainless steel, and some young designers from the Politecnico di Milano (Polytechnic Institute of Milan).
The projects, Souvenir d'Italie collection shows the new conception of the jewel as a souvenir. It represents both the object that recalls memories as well as the recognizable and evocative symbol of a place. Thus, the souvenir has been transformed from imitation to evocation, a keeper of cultural values and local memory, identity and memories, belonging and feelings. But these jewels also confirm the ability of Design to innovate its own traditions, making aesthetics contemporary and enhancing its excellence. Designs that are elegant, intelligent and contemporary.
Primavera Italiana
primavera italiana
Puzzle Made in Italy
puzzle made in italy
Wear Milan
wear milan